Jen Mirambeau

Fire Performer / Flowga Instructor

Jen Mirambeau aka "Jenergy" is a performance artist and movement teacher who intends to inspire healing, joy and freedom through creative movement art.


She has gone through a major expansive journey healing various emotional and physical wounds and now channels all of this energy into her movement flow art. Having moved past a deep seeded fear of self expression and a severe knee injury allowed her to tap back into parts of herself that were previously blocked in order to be able to remember her true self as an inspirational performance artist. 

After graduating college (where she studied environmental studies) she traveled for 5 years finding and then expanding upon her art, visiting various countries, studying yoga, self healing, dance and flow arts, attending transformational music festivals and Burning Man.


Her mission through her art/life work is to inspire society to move past self limiting beliefs, creative blocks, physical injuries and fear of expression in order to remember one's true sense of liberation so we may all live in a harmonious, balanced and open hearted world. 


She now performs with fire and freeform dance along with teaching a class she created called Flowga designed to help others tap into our self healing powers through our own hands, yoga, meditation, flow arts and conscious dance.