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Meiling Bansee


Meiling Bansee is a licensed Zumba instructor in South Florida and an active member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN). She lives in sunny S. Florida, US, but is originally from the lovely twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. After years of attending zumba classes in her area, she decided to become an instructor so she could continue fostering her love for Zumba while also changing lives. Dancing has always been a huge part of her Caribbean culture and through Zumba, she is able to combine her love for dance with her passion for health and wellness. Meiling's choreography is energetic and her style unique, making even the simplest of moves become dynamic and exciting. She has a keen ability to motivate and inspire new and advanced students alike to feel at ease in her class and enjoy life through dance. A former marine biologist, she now divides her professional time between teaching zumba classes to people of all ages and fitness levels and running her online jewelry business ( 



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