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Travel & GIVE’s executive team is comprised of allied health professionals (speech language pathologists and occupational therapists) who are active participants of their professional communities as providers, leaders, and educators. The greater team consists of physical therapists, mental health professionals, audiologists, and other skilled professionals actively working to create change. Representation matters. When children learn from people who look like them, they are not only able to relate more easily, they also build self-confidence and long term goals. Travel & Give’s team is composed of a diverse, largely minority, individuals who children can relate to and envision themselves eventually becoming.



Silent Revolution Events has partnered with Travel and Give to assist in domestic and Global fundraising efforts to increase the amounts of Telehealth visits to communities in need.  Currently we are focusing our efforts on Haiti, Jamiaca and Kenya. 

Your Donations assist in

  • Operational Costs

  • TeleHealth Program

    • Translators

    • Tech Platforms

  • Volunteer Trips to Haiti and Kenya to monitor success of programming

  • Transportation for Volunteers and Supplies

  • Therapeutic resources

  • Expanding Our Efforts Across the Globe

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