The birth of Miami Soul Train came from a relationship with Transit Miami-Dade. Silent Revolution® was asked to develop an awareness campaign for the Metro-mover, the local above-ground public railroad. Our first thought? Just make riding the Metro-mover fun. 

Ticket holders convened at one of the Metro-mover stations for a mobile silent disco as they rode along the city's skyline. Once at their destination, the riders were met with performances by the Silent Revolution® deejays and friends, and a lively silent block party commenced. 

As the evening continued, the party goers traveled to a nearby bar to keep the entertainment going. The results were numerous press mentions, plus future sponsorship from Prism Music Group, The New Tropic, and The Arts + Entertainment District.  More importantly, we received a chance to showcase our appreciation for Transit Miami-Dade's services. It is still our company's most anticipated social to date. 




Miami Beach FL 33181

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